Hi and welcome to Consider it Living.

Do you struggle to stick to a diet? Do you wish you could tune out every ‘bad’ food from your mind so you can just get on with eating that salad?!!

Some people call it perseverance or willpower, while others call it motivation…but whatever it is – you need it – and lots of it!

But you need it to work all of the time AND when you just DON’T WANT to continue ‘being good’.

When you just want to experience that calorific high…


Hi, I am Loretta and I am a mum, health blogger and computer graduate. I work full time as a personal assistant in the education sector; nothing to do with computers but that’s because life got in the way and pushed me through a different door

My hobbies are varied and I would love to add sport, running marathons and eating healthy but unfortunately, the only sport I play is Spider Solitaire (which still amazes my kids I can get addicted to this game) and as for running…well it just doesn’t happen, not even for a bus

Eating healthy is something I should do, and sometimes I do fill the fridge with cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, low fat, weird-tasting alternatives of favourite dishes, and a pile of vegetables. Some will get eaten, but most will be left in the back of the refrigerator until the ‘use by’ date is a distant memory…or they get moved out because the health kick has passed and I need room for the cheesecake ;-).

There Has To Be Another Way

As for dieting…I have been on one since I was 14, I am now somewhere in my 40s.

25 years is long enough to realise that dieting alone is just not working for me.

I want out. I want to find a different way.

I started to analyse everything good and bad about my experience with trying to lose weight and I realised that it isn’t the diets that bring success – it is my motivation.

I can conjure it up at the beginning of a diet so why can’t I keep it there?

And that’s why I started blogging on Consider it Living because I finally realised that to be a true success in losing weight and in every area of my life, I have to learn how I work and what keeps me feeling at the top of my game, because when I am motivated, I can conquer anything.

So I hope you enjoy this site and something in my garbled scribbling helps you on your own diet to feeling good.


Loretta x