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I turned to hypnosis because I don’t want to ban foods;
I don’t want anything to be off limits as I will only crave and eventually give in to them.
I want to reduce portion sizes and say ‘NO’ to snacking when I am not hungry, and hopefully, in time and
with the help of hypnosis, make more healthier choices.

I know losing weight through hypnosis works. I have done it before and I know the power of my own mind can outweigh any desire I have to eat.

The power of my own mind can outweigh any desire I have to eat

That really is amazing and something most of us forget or don’t even realise – through our subconscious we have the ability to overcome the urges to overeat and binge on food.

But finding a technique that not only works but suits our individual issues around food is far from easy.

I was determined though. After so many years of being told what to eat and what not to eat, I wanted to lose weight the way I wanted to, and not be in a constant battle every single day with very little, or no results.

This is my journey…it’s not a miracle cure or a wonder drug, but for me it’s a way out of the rat race of dieting and a chance to concentrate on other things in life that do not have a calorie content.

This is me, hypnosis and weight loss.


If you haven’t tried hypnosis to lose weight before then read on…and if you have, then definitely read on because not every hypnosis has the same effect.

The first time I visited a hypnotherapist was about 11 years ago after continually failing to lose weight. I was at my wit’s end with dieting and was up for trying anything.

I’m not saying that diets don’t work; most of them do – if you can stick to them. And that’s where my problem lies; I can usually be ‘good’ for the first few days or even weeks…but then my resolve starts to waiver and my willpower packs its bag and vacates!

But when I first visited a hypnotherapist, I thought my problems were finally over and my battle of the bulge had taken a new and very successful turn.

And it was successful; I lost weight and a lot of it too. I remember the feeling of relief that I felt of not being in a constant battle with myself over whether or not to binge.

So what happened?

The biggest reason was unfortunately the cost of the upkeep, but it was also the type of hypnotherapy:

  1. Cost – for hypnosis to work effectively, it has to be repeated regularly and visiting a hypnotherapist is not cheap. When money became tight I had to stop going.
  2. Diet – the type of hypnosis I had was designed around cutting out sugar and as much as this was extremely effective for my weight loss and my general health, it was hard to keep up with a family and normal day-to-day living, especially once I stopped going to the sessions.

Dieting For Life

Since then I have been back on the yo-yo diet merry-go-round, always losing a little but forever battling with willpower; I just couldn’t cope with depriving myself and would eventually give in and binge. Needless to say the weight piled on again and I was back to where I started.

I was fed up of diets. Fed up of going to the same old slimming meetings to talk about calories! Fed up of getting weighed and feeling hopeless when the numbers had increased. And I was fed up of having my life revolve around food AGAIN!

I was physically and emotionally exhausted; I had been dieting for all of my adult life and I was bigger than I had ever been.

Something wasn’t right. Something had to CHANGE!

Consider it Living

I knew the change had to start with me. There had to be a way to help with my lack of continued motivation. That’s when I started Consider it Living (or Feel Good Diet as it was known then); I wanted to research everything I could about how to keep willpower at the top of its game…permanently.

  • I didn’t want to think about calories
  • I didn’t want to look at food and check how much fat or carbohydrate content was in it
  • I wanted to live a life not having to worry about what low-fat rubbish I was going to eat for dinner!

So I went back to the one thing that I knew had worked before.

Hypnotic Videos

Losing weight via hypnosis has taken off enormously and there are now hypnotherapy websites and apps in abundance which can make the decision of choosing one overwhelming. These hypnosis sessions are also a ‘one size fits all’ which means they are not tailored to individual circumstances and this can make it difficult to find one that is personally suited.

Another problem I had was the ability to listen regularly; the once soothing voices became irritating, which meant I listened to them less and less until I stopped altogether.

I was getting desperate and frustrated, I really didn’t want to go back to dieting but the hope of finding something that could work for me was fading fast.

30 Day Challenge

That’s when I stumbled across a video on YouTube that was for David McGraw’s Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis 30 Day Challenge. It was a hypnosis session that lasted about 30 minutes and it used the power of binaural beats and double induction. I had no idea what that meant but I was intrigued and after listening to the first ten minutes knew I needed to give it a try.

My problem of not being able to listen regularly had been solved with David McGraw because his voice, as well as being soothing, overlaps, so half the time I can’t really tell what he is saying, this means my thoughts can go somewhere else instead of concentrating on the hypnosis.

  • NB: With hypnosis, it doesn’t matter if you fall asleep as the affirmations are targeted to the subconscious so the conscious can either think of other things or sleep, which is great when you have a busy life and can only find time at the end of the day.

If you decide to take the 30 day challenge, I recommend you download the free MP4 version from his site, simply because YouTube will automatically play another video afterwards, so if you listen at night like I do and fall asleep, you could suddenly be woken by whatever comes up next!

I decided to try it out for 30 days as the challenge states, it’s not like it’s cost me anything so what could I lose? (Apart from the obvious ;-))

So this is my story, like I said earlier, I know it isn’t a magic cure and I will still have to put some effort in, but if it works, it will be so worth it to have the heavy weight of diets and constant calorie counting lifted.

I hope it will be of some benefit to you

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