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I turned to hypnosis because I don’t want to ban foods;
I don’t want anything to be off limits as I will only crave and eventually give in to them.
I want to reduce portion sizes and say ‘NO’ to snacking when I am not hungry, and hopefully, in time and
with the help of hypnosis, make more healthier choices.

I don’t want this to be a diet.

Diets to me are a temporary phase; something I have to do to lose the weight. But deep down I know that for the long term something has to change; there has to be a lifestyle change, otherwise the weight will return once the ‘diet’ phase is over.

This is why I turned to hypnosis. I don’t want to ban foods; I don’t want anything to be off limits as I will only crave and eventually give in to them. I want to reduce portion sizes and say ‘NO’ to snacking when I am not hungry, and hopefully, in time and with the help of hypnosis, make more healthier choices.

The Very Beginning

Although I am never really interested in reports from the first few days of any diet or lifestyle change as much as later on, I still think it is worth documenting, even if it is just to remember that time when determination was so high.

And it IS high. When I start a diet I have such incredible belief in that program and faith in myself that I will see it through, that failing is just not an option.

I want to know what causes that determination and more importantly if it can be conjured up at any time.

Could hypnosis be the answer? Or is it created by doing an assortment of things that I list in my Motivation in a Bottle article?

Hopefully through my experience with hypnosis, I might hit on something that I can use when that determination is beginning to waiver and my faith in something starts to fade.

Hypnotic Sleep

Today is my first day.

I listened to the hypnosis last night – well I say I listened, I didn’t…at all…I fell asleep within the first five minutes.

Which is not good as I have no idea what was said.

The sound of the hypnotherapist’s voice (David McGraw) changes from left to right and overlaps so without proper concentration, his words are just gentle, inaudible tones.

Let’s just hope he hasn’t subliminally ‘told’ me to strip off at some point today – my work colleagues would never get over the shock of it!!

The Fullness

I didn’t feel any different throughout the morning but the start of the day is always easy for me, although I didn’t think about food until my stomach started to growl just after 12:30 – I’m usually clock-watching from about 11.

With lunch, I started to feel a slight fullness in my stomach about two thirds in and had the strange idea of stopping…and the more I continued to eat, the stronger the feeling got.

So I stopped.

Just stopped.

I felt guilty for leaving leftovers (?) and…

A nagging feeling of loss with a fear that I would miss the food (is this one of the reasons we overeat?)

But those feelings soon faded and I didn’t miss the food at all – instead I felt happy as well as a small touch of victory.

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Afternoon Sugar Dip

Around 3pm everyday I always have a ‘dip’ and head for the nearest vending machine for sugar…disguised temptingly as a chocolate bar...and today was no exception.

But I felt in control because I was also hungry so I eat the chocolate, thoroughly enjoyed it and did not feel one ounce of guilt; a welcome change to the usual ‘give in now you’ve succumbed to the evils of chocolate’ attitude that usually follows.

The drive home was taken up with thinking about an upcoming event I was organising, instead of trying to give in to the urge to have take-away for tea.

Or was it mind over matter and the hypnosis removing all wicked thoughts of food?
Now wouldn’t that be a breakthrough?!

Danger Zone

Dinner time is danger zone for me. I always overdo it on portion sizes, feel like I’ve blown it and binge out for the rest of the night. But today was different, I purposefully sought out a smaller plate and served up a smaller portion, telling myself I would come back if I wanted to afterwards. Which I didn’t. I actually didn’t feel the need to.

I also really enjoyed my dinner which was odd…didn’t I always enjoy dinner…?

And the rest of the night was food free. Not because I deprived myself of anything, or succeeded in not giving in to cravings of a carb high, but because I didn’t think about it. I went to bed happy, content and hopeful – and of course ready and eager to listen to Mr McGraw.


So what words of wisdom can I pass on from Day One?

I guess to not overthink things; to just go with the flow, listen to your stomach and be guided with what it wants and not what your head wants (and I’m fairly certain it did want chocolate…)

Let’s bring on Day Two!


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